Wish(ed) You Were Here: Zermatt, Switzerland

6 – 9 June


Oh Zermatt! From the quaint red mountain train we took to get there, to the log-cabin style housing, electric vehicles, and the German-speaking locals; we just fell in love with this quaint ski town at the base of the Matterhorn.




Unfortunately, by the time we arrived in Zermatt, I was well and truly sick with a head cold! It was pretty bad, but I hoped that the clear mountain air would cure me, just like it did for Clara in the Heidi books. Although I was feeling pretty average, I still walked the Matterhorn trail. I mean, you just have to, right?! That mountain. Just wow.




Zermatt is also home to one of the few ski mountains in the world that are open year round. That’s right, a few days prior we had been sunbathing in France and then here Chris was about to go snowboarding! Unfortunately I did not hit the slopes myself, choosing instead to have a pyjama/pamper day in the hopes I would feel better soon!

Although there was snow on the mountains, the weather in Zermatt was very mild – we wore shorts and singlets during our stay and only found the need to put on more layers at night-time.

Zermatt is also where we tried fondue for the first time, and came across the most interesting animals of our trip! They had cats aplenty; cows and sheep with large bells around their necks; squirrels; stoats and another critter we couldn’t quite get close enough to figure out what it was!




We will definitely return some day.

Next Stop: Venice, Italy


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