Wish(ed) You Were Here: Venice, Italy

9 – 11 June

Venice was another one of those places we had visited before, but wanted to come back to. Last time it was Winter, it was cold and dreary, and we left feeling a little ‘meh’ about the city of canals. I mean, let’s be real – you’re not really meant to holiday there during Winter, are you?!

We had a completely different experience this time around, and were so glad we decided to give Venice another shot! This time it was sunny and warm, full of tourists and although we remembered much about where everything was in Venice; this time we got to try some new experiences, too.

Initially I wanted to take a guided tour to the islands of Murano and Burano – but after reading some reviews on TripAdvisor, and finding out it’s just as cheap/easy to do it yourself, we simply bought a 24-hour boat ticket each and took our time.

First stop was Burano, which is the cutest place I have ever seen! Full of colourful buildings and little canals, Burano is a photographers dream.







After having a good poke around and grabbing a bite to eat, we took the next boat to Murano, which is well-known for its glass making. Although not as pretty as Burano, Murano has its quirks and is very popular among tourists. We managed to get a glimpse of some glass blowing in action, which was pretty cool.



Our last day in Venice marked our 8 year anniversary! 8 years together is kind of a big deal and we wanted to do something a bit special. So, we took a gondola ride. Yes, I know it’s a ridiculously tourist thing to do, but we really enjoyed it! Our gondolier was super informative, the boat was comfortable and it was so neat to see Venice from a different angle. Although taking a gondola ride isn’t a cheap activity – I highly recommend it!



Venice by Night.
Venice by Night.
View from our Room
View from our Room

Next Stop: Croatia


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