Wish(ed) You Were Here: Rovinj & Porec, Croatia

12 – 15 June


First things first – if ever you plan on taking a ferry from Venice to Croatia – my pro tip for you would be to make sure you know where the ferry terminal is! And I mean, really know – the maps didn’t help us at all, and long story short, we spent way too much time stressing, sweating, dragging our suitcases and getting lost – only just making it in time to board. Not fun.

Once settled on the ferry everything was hunky dory, and although we arrived in Rovinj at 10pm to pitch darkness, the car park security guards were super helpful and called us a cab. One of them even got us water to drink – fantastic first impression of Croatia!

Rovinj is just beautiful! While planning our trip, we were disappointed that we wouldn’t have the time to stay in Dubrovnik or Split, but after wandering around Rovinj for a short time, we were so glad our trip bought us here. The ‘Old Town’ is compiled of cobbled streets and a quaint harbour, with a pretty church towering above it.

Our hosts provided bikes during our stay, and we did not hesitate to explore the town. We biked along the coastline and came across a bike park with lots of little inlets – so we spent the afternoon lounging by the beach with a cocktail, as you do.








The next afternoon we took a bus to Porec, which is a 45-minute drive north from Rovinj. After a walk into town, we decided to relax by the pool of our hotel, so unfortunately I didn’t get many photos here.



Next stop: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


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