Wish(ed) You Were Here: Tuscany, Italy

15 – 17 June


After spending half a day in Florence, we decided to travel to Greve in Chianti the following day and get a taste of the Tuscan sun. The bus trip there started off nice enough, but turned into the most hair-raising experience! The driver was going well over the speed limit, the roads were narrow and winding, and we were travelling ever higher above the countryside. I actually feared for my life. On top of that – unless we caught a glimpse of a village sign – we had no idea where we were for much of the journey, or how far away we were from our destination. It was one of the worst hours of my life.

Somehow we made it, only to find that much of the town was closed due to the lunch hour. I had looked up a place where we could hire bikes, but unfortunately it was closed on Sundays – we had lost complete track of the days and actually didn’t realise until we got there! There was no way I was getting back on that bus, so we found a map of the area and walked.

We walked up the hill in the beating sun to a quaint village called Montefioralle where we got the most amazing views! Tuscany is absolutely beautiful and this made the horror drive out here so worth it.


The cutest cemetery ever
The cutest cemetery ever






Next stop: Cinque Terre, Italy



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