Gems of Melbourne


Earlier this month, we spent a day wandering. We visited Fitzroy Gardens, which used to be our old haunt when we first moved to Melbourne two years ago. I used to walk through here every day on my way to work, or if we needed to go to the city, so it brought back some good memories.

Fitzroy GardenFitzroy Garden 2

Then we meandered through the city and found Hosier Lane, which for some reason I had never seen before! I’m surprised really, as it is number 28 out of 178 attractions in Melbourne according to TripAdvisor. Who knew?! Obviously not this gal. To be fair, it is a little tucked away between Flinders Lane and Flinders Street, across from Federation Square. The cobbled street almost reminds me of Europe, and it is a graffiti artists dream! Nearly every available surface is covered with art.

Hosier1Hosier 2

There were so many others there taking photos and inspecting the amazing array of graffiti – we even got to watch some dudes in action – although it smelt awful, it was really cool to see how effortlessly they make their art. I also found it really funny to see a pristine white Vespa in a place of so much colour and tagging!

HosierHosier 3

The great thing about Hosier Lane is that it is a live piece of art – I know next time I visit (and there will be a next time), some or even all of my favourites here will be covered over to make way for new ‘installations’, which makes it kind of exciting, don’t you think?!

Hosier 4

Melbourne never ceases to amaze me with its hidden nooks and crannies – no matter how often I pound these pavements, I always seem to find something new, which is totally one of the reasons I love living here.


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