Review: Night Visions

You guys, I think I’ve found a new favourite band!! It’s not often I add a new band to my list of favourites. To be honest, I’ve been rocking out to the same albums for the past eight or nine years now. The Killers, Snow Patrol  and Eskimo Joe are my go-to bands of choice, with Temper Trap being the latest favourite to grace my ears, and that was in 2009/10.

But now they all have to step aside for a moment as I listen to Night Visions on repeat. In case you’re unaware, I’m of course talking about Imagine Dragons. After hearing and loving a couple of their tracks I decided to go ahead and buy their album. I don’t buy albums very often, but at $15.00 I figured it was worth the risk. Turned out not to be such a risk after all as it is amazing!

Imagine Dragons have what I consider to be a unique sound. However, in saying that, I can also totally hear similarities to my faves listed above. I would almost say they are like a wonderful mix of them all, but also so different……….if that makes sense?!

Every song on the album is fresh and semi-up beat, which I love. There is nothing better than being able to nod your head, tap your feet and shake what your mumma gave you to an entire album, and with these guys you totes can! So long as no-one is watching.

How gutted was I to learn they are going to be playing to a sold-out crowd in Melbourne next month?! Seriously, why am I the last to find out?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to these guys before, then I think you totally should.

This un-released song is one of their best:

I kind of love it when bands merge two songs into one. Happy listening!



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