Wish(ed) You Were Here: Rome, Italy

19 – 21 June


Roma was hot!! Literally. We were lucky enough to enjoy two full, sun-soaked days – we walked and walked and walked some more.


Of course we visited Vatican City and somehow arrived just in time for Pope Francis to address the crowd. Unfortunately there were so many people and umbrellas everywhere that if it weren’t for the two large screens in view, we wouldn’t have seen him at all.


Next stop was the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The temperature was up over 34ºC for most of the day, so finding shelter was essential to escape the sun for a few moments here and there!




Finding shelter from the sun
Finding shelter from the sun



The next day we decided to see the Sistine Chapel, which meant that even though it was another scorcher day, I had to cover my legs and shoulders. Let me tell you, there were so many sales pitches around the Vatican – people trying to get you to take their guided tour and avoid the queues – they claimed it would take us at least 2 hours in the line before we’d get in. We listened and watched a while before taking the risk and just joining the line of people queuing up, as it really didn’t look like the line was moving so slowly. Plus, we didn’t really see the benefit of paying twice as much for a guided tour! Turns out our risk paid off, as we gained entrance within half an hour – well before people who had paid for a guided tour – funnily enough, they were all queued up and waiting for their tour to head off!


After a quick dash home to change, we were back pounding the pavement and seeing as much as we could of this amazing city.

The Mouth of Truth
The Mouth of Truth



Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain

Next Stop: Amalfi Coast, Italy


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