Wish(ed) You Were Here: Positano, Italy

21 – 22 June


Although the Amalfi Coast is an absolutely amazing, gorgeous, must-see destination, it is rather hard to get to using public transport alone!

From Rome, we took a train to Naples, a small regional train to Sorrento (which was packed with holidaying students – standing room only –and took almost forever to get there), then a bus to Positano (which was also packed with people – standing room only – and took the rest of forever to get there). Needless to say, we arrived exhausted and hot, unsure how to get to our accommodation and wondering how the heck we were going to leave the next day, as we didn’t want a repeat of all that. Unfortunately this was another of our destinations that we really wanted to see, but just didn’t have enough time in the trip to stay long, which made for another flying visit.

Once we settled in and had a look around, we found the most helpful lady in a cruise kiosk who (it felt like) solved all our problems, and our transport for the next day was sorted.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying dinner and cocktails on the beach and watching the beautiful sunset.







We were staying up the hill overlooking the beach, and although it was a mission trekking up and down the steps the whole time in the burning sun, our views were just wonderful and I absolutely love all the purple flowers that decorate the balconies and buildings here – they are in bloom all year round according to our host, and I would be quite happy waking up to them every day.





We ended up taking a ferry to Salerno, which was much more pleasant than taking a bus and gave us a completely different view of the coast. From there, it was a regional train to Naples where we had just enough time to catch our train to Ancona – this was a huge day of travel, and we were so grateful that our host picked us up from the station and drove us to our room for the night, as we were staying just out-of-town. We were told that two teams competing in the ORC sailing championship were also staying in the same place, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see who they were!

Next Stop: Corfu, Greece


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