Wish(ed) You Were Here: Corfu, Greece

23 – 25 June


After spending half the day in Ancona (most of which was spent figuring out how to get to the ferry terminal!), we boarded our ferry to Igoumenitsa, which is the only way to reach Corfu from Italy during this time of year.

On-board with us was a huge tour group of young students who wasted no time getting on the booze! It was a long trip – nearly 17 hours on board – and we had to share small dorms with other patrons, which would have been fine except there were separate dorms for gals and guys; and no sheets on the beds!

From Igoumenitsa (where a local stray took a shining to us) it was another hour and a half ferry to Corfu. Again the students joined us, only this time they were much more subdued and feeling sorry for themselves!


We didn’t have much time in Corfu, so had booked ourselves into the Aqualand Resort. Oh my gosh, this place was amazing! We spent all our time relaxing in sun-loungers, being thrown about in the wave pool or enjoying the many water slides in Aqualand itself. The resort is all-inclusive; so not only was breakfast, lunch, dinner and entry to the water park provided; but free snacks were also available throughout our stay. After a couple of days of solid traveling, Corfu was bliss!

I only wish we had more time here so we could have actually seen the rest of it, haha.




Next Stop: Chania, Crete, Greece


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