Dining Out: Mill & Bakery at Central Pier

Although I’m no “foodie”, I do love to eat! So I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog called Dining Out, where I’ll share with you guys my experiences at restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops that I really like, both around Melbourne and during my travels. I’m hoping it will give you some good spots to try when/if you’re in the area, but also it’s great to have a record for myself so that I can come back to these places later down the track (if they don’t become a regular treat, that is!).

Where to begin? In my own backyard of course!


Over the weekend I decided it was high time we checked out the Mill & Bakery at Central Pier. This gorgeous bakery and cafe opened its doors in March of this year, but the first I became aware of it was via a cute little rolling-pin we received in the mail while we were on holiday.

Centrally located in Docklands, I think this place will become a regular for us. Open daily, the vibe is warm and welcoming and I just love the decor! There is a real vintage yet modern feel with loaves of bread, cake stands of sweet treats and copper pans adorning the walls, shelves and counter tops. I especially loved the knitted lamp shades – super cute!





We both tried their warm apple and custard croissants topped with slivered almonds. Wow. They were so good you guys, and really filling. For once in my life, I couldn’t finish my food! I had a mocha, while Chris opted for a hot chocolate. Mine came in a gorgeous old style cup and saucer set, which was so adorable; and Chris’ was served in a heart-shaped cup!

They also sell baguettes, cakes, pastries, packaged products – such as flour, cookies and preserves – and of course, bread!

Offering both inside and outside dining, the bakery is spacious and inviting, with old wooden chairs, mis-matched but totally matching tables, great music and views of the harbour.

Big thumbs up!




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