Eating my way around Europe

I’m no foodie, but I do love my food; and during our recent trip to Europe, this was no exception. Although I never did get to try escargot or frogs legs, we did sample food from all the local areas we visited, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. Granted, most of these are of the sweet variety, but what else would you expect from me?!

Trdelnik – Prague, Czech Republic

1. Trdelnik
When I first saw Trdelnik I was confused – first of all, how the heck to you pronounce it?! And secondly, what the heck is it?! Basically, Trdelnik is a bread-like pastry, baked around circular pipes suspended over hot coals – sounds technical, but boy are they delicious! Once cooked, they are covered in a topping of your choice; and if you want to be extra fancy, you can also get chocolate or jam spread inside. So. Good.

Crepe – Paris, France

2. Crepe
Of course I had to have a crepe in Paris. And of course I ordered one from the most expensive vendor in Paris. But with a view like this, who am I to complain?! I got a nutella crepe which was totally too sweet, even for me. However, I am not one to leave a snack unfinished so I ate the whole thing, natch.

Macaron – Paris, France

3. Macaron
I have been obsessed with macarons since first properly discovering them about three or four years ago, and was desperate to try some in France. Laduree was an obvious choice, and they did not disappoint! Not only was the boutique shop/cafe absolutely gorgeous, but they had a HUGE selection to choose from.

Paella – Barcelona, Spain

4. Paella
I couldn’t decide between a seafood or chicken Paella, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered a mixed one. This was a good idea.

French Patisserie – Nice, France

5. Sweet Treats
My second choice for macarons in France was going to be Jean Luc Pele, but after stepping into one of these beautiful stores, I was immediately drawn to their tarts. I ended up getting the smaller one with a shortbread base, custard and yummy berries on top!

Fondue – Zermatt, Switzerland

6. Fondue
While in Zermatt I was adamant on having fondue. Firstly, because I had never actually tried fondue before; and also because I was in Switzerland. I mean, come on.

Bussolai/Bussola – Burano, Italy

7. Bussolai
During our short visit to Burano we got hungry, but not quite enough to warrant a sit-down meal; so we each got a Bussolai – a hard but delicious cookie – from one of the local bakeries. I think I want to make some for myself now.

Breakfast – Rovinj, Croatia

8. Breakfast
Our breakfasts in Rovinj were hands-down the best we had on our whole two-month trip. We stayed in a small block of apartments run by a husband-and-wife team who prepared these huge breakfasts for their guests every single day! This was what we were given on our first morning – looks like enough for two, but this was all for me. And yes, I ate nearly all of it.

Frozen Yoghurt – Santorini, Greece

9. Froyo
I have to tell you, I became obsessed with froyo toward the end of our trip! The temperatures were rising, and froyo was my perfect solution to the heat. I loved choosing a different flavour every day, and topping it with a range of fruit, nuts and chocolate. I am now on a mission to find the best froyo outfit in Melbourne this Summer – stay tuned.

Moussaka –  Santorini, Greece

10. moussaka
I think I can safely say this was my favourite dinner on the trip. Eggplant, minced meat and tomato topped with cheese and baked until golden – what’s not to love?!

Baklava – Santorini, Greece

11. Baklava
Of course, you can’t stay in Greece and not eat traditional baklava! I have only ever tried this dessert once in my life – during my sixth form Classical Studies class, and I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan. However, I figured, while in Greece………so glad I did, because this one was to die for.

Is anyone else hungry now?!


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