In Need of a Cleansing

Friends, I’m at it again. I’m back on the road to improving my health and well-being. For the past week and a half I have been “clean eating” by cutting out processed foods and eating as much fruit, vegetables and protein as I can stomach. I’ve found a new set of workouts to keep me busy and sweating – I’m by no means any good at them, but god willing I try!

I’m also about to embark on another Juice Cleanse. But this time I’m doing things a little differently:

  • Rather than go with the same cleanse as last year, I’ve found Pressed Juices, a local company that offers cleanses – yay
  • I’ve chosen to try a level 2 cleanse – I’m a little nervous about all the greens, but I found last years cleanse wasn’t quite challenging enough
  • Pressed Juice cleanses offer 8 drinks each day, rather than the standard 6
  • I’m actually able to pick what juices to drink throughout the cleanse
  • Instead of doing this at work, I’ve decided to try a weekend cleanse – Saturday to Monday

Sure, a juice cleanse isn’t for everyone – they’re really expensive for a start! I am very tight with my money, so I know that by spending this much on something means that I will put 100% into it and continue healthy eating and exercise long after my cleanse is done. Again I am going to keep track of my cleanse here for future reference and anyone who might be interested in trying a juice cleanse themselves.

The main reason I decided to do another juice cleanse is to really clean out my body and detox in order for my clean eating to be of benefit. It’s not really about losing weight for me; I’m more interested in flattening my stomach and toning my butt and thighs. I mean, who isn’t, amiright?!

So last night I made it official and ordered my cleanse:

CleanseLooks good, right?!



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