Now the Cleanse is Over

You guys, I was really looking forward to doing another juice cleanse. I enjoyed the Urban Remedy one I tried last year, and was pleased to be trying a local company this time around. I was excited to pick my own juices and was happy to be able to do most of it over a weekend. But just between you and me, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

A recap of the juices I selected.
A recap of the juices I selected.

Early Saturday morning I received my first delivery from Pressed Juices, containing all juices for day 1, and half of the juices for day 2. I was hungry by this point, so dove right in and had my first drink for  the day – a green juice. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it down okay. I loved my zesty juice; tolerated the earth juice; and really struggled with the two green juices – a quick search online told me that agave syrup or lemon juice would help, so I tried both, with little success; the milk at the end of the day was a pleasant respite from the juices. I didn’t like the chlorophyll water and didn’t drink much of the aloe vera water.

Day 2 I received my second delivery of the rest of the days drinks and all drinks for day 3. I thought day 1 was hard, but day 2 was haaard. I tried to keep a positive outlook and aimed to drink the juices as quick as possible – day 1 I really dragged them out. I also drank much more of the chlorophyll and aloe vera waters. Again I struggled with the earth and green juices – I just could not get them down well, even with agave syrup! I think the ginger in the juices really killed my throat.

One days worth of juice.
One days worth of juice.

Day 3 was a work day, and my throat ached, so I was really dreading having to drink the earth and green juices in the office! The first green juice of the day went down well, and quickly; but to my surprise I found the yummy zesty drink far too sweet! I never thought that would be a thing I would say. I sipped at the chlorophyll water at my desk throughout the morning, but was only able to get through half of the earth juice. I couldn’t bear to drink the green juices, so left those for when I got home. I was actually planning on giving up by this stage, and decided to make a salad with the ingredients listed in the green juices instead. However, my partner in crime talked me out of it and with his support I got most of the green juices down – and actually found they weren’t so bad! Although I was glad to have my potassium plus milk at the end of the day.

All in all, the cleanse was a lot tougher than I expected – I wasn’t overly hungry during the cleanse and was quite happy to drink juices for three days straight – but I really just was not loving the flavours at all.
In saying that, I did see some great results from this cleanse:
* My nails have become a lot stronger
* My insides feel clean and clear
* Although unintentional, I did lose 1.4kgs, 2cms off my hips, 2.5cms off my waist and 1cm off my caboose during the three days.
* I found that I didn’t miss eating the foods I normally would over a weekend – and instead enjoyed scouring Pinterest for clean eating recipes!

I would definitely do a juice cleanse again, only next time I would pay a bit extra and go back to Urban Remedy. However, I will certainly be visiting the Melbourne CBD Pressed Juices store when it opens to try one of their fruit juices, for sure. I mean, how good do they look?

Pressed Juices Fruit juices:
Pressed Juices Fruit juices:

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