Review: Harvest Box

A couple weeks ago I was scouring the interwebs for an interesting subscription box. I basically wanted to receive new products on the reg without having to do any of the legwork. Then I stumbled across the Harvest Box website and pretty much signed up right away. Harvest Box is a delivery service in Australia where each box consists of four different types of nut mixes. You choose how often these boxes arrive, delivery is free, and you get to rate the mixes you receive (No Thanks, Try Me, Like it and Yes Please!)- effectively ensuring you frequently get ones you love and never again get ones you’re not fond of.

The mixes are healthy and all ingredients are listed on the website, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Now, I like most nuts and most dried fruits; but there are some that I really don’t like, so it was a bit of a risk for me to sign up. However, I figured if I didn’t like anything I can always let them know and I’ll never get them again. You can view the full range online before you register, and they are continuously adding to their range. There is no minimum order and you can cancel any time. Also – the first box is half price, so what did I have to lose?!

I decided to get a weekly box, delivered to my work every Monday. So far I have received three boxes and for once, I actually have something to look forward to on the hardest day of the week! *Winning*

I’m really pleased with the service so far and wanted to share with you guys – because until November 8th, if any of you sign up using this code – 85122BRXXIG – you’ll get your first two boxes for half price!

Week 1

Harvest Box-Week 1
My first box arrived on a Friday afternoon due to Monday being a public holiday in NSW. I was pretty excited and ripped into it right away! Included inside was:
* Roasted Pistachios
* Kokoda Trail – roast almonds, pistachio kernels, cranberries, flame raisins, macadamias, sunflower seeds, pepitas and milk chocolate.
* Wild Side – white mulberries, walnuts and cranberries.
* Rise and Shine – rolled oats, organic wholemeal flour, sunflower seeds, pepitas, dried fruits, apple juice, barley malt, veg oil and vanilla.
I didn’t like ‘Wild Side’, but really enjoyed the others, so was very happy with my first box and give it a 3/4.

Week 2

Harvest Box-Week 2
Apparently I didn’t have time to take a photo before devouring ‘Bear’s Picnic’, my bad.

This delivery arrived late! I didn’t get it until Tuesday afternoon 😦 But, I was only charged half price for it, so I’m not complaining about that. Also, I was doing my juice cleanse on the Monday and wouldn’t have been able to eat them anyways.
* Bear’s Picnic – canadian maple cashews.
* Great Wall – almonds, goji berries, milk chocolate and sunflower seeds.
* Fruit and Nut – roast hazelnuts, flame raisins and dark chocolate.
* Berry Power – cranberries, Inca berries, blueberries and natural pear.
Omg, the ‘Bear’s Picnic’ was to-die and I really loved the ‘Fruit and Nut’. I wasn’t a fan of ‘Berry Power’ – too many blueberries I think, but overall a great box. 3/4

Week 3

Harvest Box-Week 3
I think we’re on track now – my delivery arrived mid-day on the Monday and I’m now a fully fledged subscriber.
* Ebony and Ivory – natural apple (food acid 300), roast hazelnuts and flame raisins.
* Carnivale – roast almonds, brazil nuts and coconut slivers (220).
* Kokoda Trail – roast almonds, pistachio kernels, cranberries, flame raisins, macadamias, sunflower seeds, pepitas and milk chocolate.
* Cherry Bomb – cherries, dark chocolate, roast almonds and coconut slivers. Contains 220.
Although I had already received ‘Kokoda Trail’ before, it was one that I rated that I liked, so was quite happy to get this again. 4/4

Overall, I am really pleased with this subscription – I’ve gotten into a great habit of snacking on these mixes mid-morning at work, and look forward to my next delivery. I think the price for these boxes is pretty reasonable – they have a great range and delivery is included. I have rated a couple of mixes as a big ol ‘No Thanks’, so I know I won’t get them again and I’m excited to see what arrives next week!


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