Seriously, November

I feel like a broken record but I can’t believe it is November already! Seems like just yesterday we were boarding our flight to London, excited for two whole months of traveling. Now, those months are over – did they even really happen?! I mean, we have the photos and souvenirs – oh god, so many souvenirs – but it doesn’t feel real. Since being thrust back into reality, I’ve somehow managed to survive the blur that has been July, August, September and October; to land on November’s doorstep wondering how the heck I got here.

It is supposed to be Springtime in the land down under, but lately it has felt more like Autumn and some days I feel like I’ve gone back in time to Winter instead. I thought Australia was supposed to be sunny and warm?!

But with November comes the start of the festive season, which I am beyond excited about. Call me sad, but I have already started planning Christmas presents – I mean, I need to get on top of things early so that my well-planned and heartfelt purchases (read: online shopping) make it to my family in time for the arrival of old St Nick.

The shops have been selling Christmas wares for a while now, and it won’t be long before the whole city is covered in a Christmas haze; frustrated shoppers pounding the pavement; stores enticing them with great savings and Christmas sales; carols blasting from the speakers – bring it on, I say!

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a long weekend where I hope to get some sun, eat some good food and see some beautiful sights!

Like this………..but totally not like this.

Rovinj, Croatia
Rovinj, Croatia
Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy
Santorini, Greek Islands
Santorini, Greek Islands

Anyone else turning Melbourne Cup Day into a long weekend? Getting excited for Christmas yet? When will Summer get here?!



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