Walking for a Cause

Has it really been two weeks since last I posted?! Sorry guys, life has gotten a little hectic around here. I have been frantically sorting out birthday and Christmas presents to send back home in time, working like a dog, fitting in daily walks and trying really hard to eat clean. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, right?!
But in the spirit of improving my health and well-being, I have decided to take part in the Emma & Tom’s Christmas event this year! Include ‘Christmas’ in the title and I am pretty much there. Maybe even with bells on, I haven’t decided yet.

The event takes place on December 11th at beautiful Albert Park. It is a running/walking event – so clearly I will be walking. But this year I have decided to push myself and go for the 10km walk. I don’t know about you guys, but this is kind of a big deal for me. I have never done a 10km walk before – having only competed in a couple of 5km walks in the past.

The first one I did in January 2010 – I took part in the Molenberg SUB Stride to Ride Series (which apparently isn’t a thing anymore, cos I can’t find a link for it) hosted by Sarah Ulmer – it was my first ever walking event and although I did like no training whatsoever, I managed to come 2nd in my age group! I would have come first if I had realised the lady ahead of me was in the same group – she was pretty far ahead, but if I had known we were both aiming for first, I would have kicked her arse! I did come away with a nice Bendon sports bra/underwear set and got to shake Sarah’s hand for my efforts though.

I take walking seriously
I take walking seriously


The second walk was in July 2012 – a group from work was fundraising for Kids Under Cover as part of the Run Melbourne event. Again, I went for the 5km walk option. Only this time I walked/gossiped with a co-worker and I had a sore foot at the time, so wasn’t going for any records here. I don’t even think I raised that much money to be honest, either. Epic fail.

At the starting line.
At the starting line.
I walked 5km and all I got was this lousy medal.
I walked 5km and all I got was this lousy medal.

So this time around, I am aiming to do the 10km walk in under an hour an a half. I can usually do 5km in about 40-50 minutes, so I’m hoping I can keep my swift pace for the full 10kms. Side-note – I am a naturally fast walker. No matter what I am doing, or where I am going, I walk like a gal on a mission. I actually can’t help it, and feel really uncomfortable walking any slower. Hoping to use this to my advantage, and this time I actually do want to raise some money for the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre and make good time in my event.

I will totally be donning a naff Christmas t-shirt and maybe even a reindeer headband or something, and will also be bringing a gift or two to place under the tree for the brave children and their families currently fighting cancer.

I would love your help in fundraising and have set up a page here for anyone who can spare a donation.

Thanks guys!


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