It’s Christmas Time in the City

What is going on with my once-a-week posting these days?! Some of you are probably breathing a sigh of relief, while others may be wondering what I have been up to lately.

Well, nothing much to be honest. For those non-kiwis out there, ‘nothing much’ is slightly more than nothing, so I’m not a total fail:

I have been trying to get into the Christmas spirit. My presents for home are wrapped and ready to go – please God let them arrive safe, sound, and on time. I have watched a total of two Christmas movies (The Santa Clause and A Christmas Carol) and enjoyed three Christmas coffees so far this month. I even listened to carols yesterday as I wrapped presents – could I BE any more festive?!

Aside from the excitement Christmas brings, I am also just really looking forward to some time off work! I have two weeks left to go for the year and have already begun the countdown. All I ask is that they run smoothly, quickly and I can manage to get everything done that I need to. Failing that, I can just drink one to many beverages at our department Christmas party.



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