Thing 3

Thing 3: Attend a Cupcake Decorating Lesson

Ah yes, my 26/27-year-old self was obsessed with cupcakes! I used to make them quite often and loved experimenting with different flavours.

But let’s be real – making the cupcakes is the easy part.

Decorating them? Not so much.

My icing was always too thick or too runny. It never looked as good as the ones in the shops, and I was determined to perfect the art of the icing flower.

Alas! This is another thing I am yet to achieve.

Since moving to Melbourne our kitchen has quartered in size, meaning that anything requiring bench-space is off-limits.

I was very close to signing up for a cupcake decorating lesson last year with some colleagues, but we just never got around to it. I am still totes going to do this one day though.

The folk from 'De Proeverie Tea-Room' in Brugge know how to ice a cupcake!
The folk from ‘De Proeverie Tea-Room’ in Brugge know how to ice a cupcake!

Sidenote: I promise I have actually managed to cross some ‘Things’ off my list!!

I think.


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