Thing 7

Thing 7: Complete 3x Cross-Stitches

I think cross-stitching was one of the first creative activities that I really took a shining to.

I’m a huge fan of following instructions and reading patterns (Monica Geller, anyone?!), so my mind and hands took to cross-stitch fairly easily.

The only problem with stitching is that it can take ages to do! And I really feel like I need to be in the zone to get going.

I figured three years was plenty of time to get three stitches done – one a year, right?!

Only I started one about two-and-a-half years ago, and never got around to finishing it.

I thought this thing was going to be another great big fail, until I stumbled across weelittlestitches on Etsy.

I commissioned them to design a cross-stitch pattern of my family as a Christmas present for my Mum. I was so impressed with their work and had so much fun stitching this pattern that I have completed one more since then and am currently working on another.




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