Thing 8

Thing 8: Get a Radical Haircut

Now when I set myself this thing to do before turning 30; I had grand ideas of cutting my hair short, getting some bangs going and lightening it up with lots of layers, maybe a brand new colour?

But, I have since realised that I really prefer my hair long.

I don’t suit super dark hair.

I don’t like being blonde – my hair dries out too much and I’m less likely to get away with silly comments.

Somewhere along the line I really got my heart set on going ombre.

I thought about it for ages and ages but never plucked up the courage to do it.

Then I heard about an at-home dye kit and the rest is history!

I absolutely love the ombre style – I get the best of both worlds and an interesting look to boot.

Selfie at Springbrook
Selfie at Springbrook

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