Thing 19

Thing 19: Host a Dinner Party

This would have been so easy in Christchurch.
We lived in an actual house.
With an actual kitchen.
And although we didn’t own a dining table, we had a huge couch that could comfortably sit 6 people.

But now?
We live in a poxy apartment with a kitchen the length of my arm.

I was looking for a photo to prove this, when I stumbled across this pic taken by my Mum last year:

Cooking up a Storm!
Cooking up a Storm!

I had completely forgotten that they had come around for dinner while they were here on holiday.

My step-dad Bruce and I took over the “kitchen” (this photograph captures it in its entirety) and made a yummy dinner.

I even had drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy beforehand.

They say three people makes a party, and there were five of us!

I think I can cross this one off, but would like to host a proper dinner one day.


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