Thing 21

Thing 21: Make an Extravagant Purchase

Back when I was 27, I did not have much money – and any spare money I did have went straight into my savings account.

Even now I consider myself to be tight with my money and only ever spend what I can afford.

There will be no credit cards for this girl.

But, I did want to buy something expensive (for me, paying more than $50 for one thing counted as expensive) and treat myself a bit more, so I included this on my list.

Since then, I can tell you that I have made many extravagant purchases.

Not to brag, but I now own an iPad, an iPhone, and a Kobo.

I have become obsessed with online shopping and go through phases of spending my hard-earned money on various websites.

And, last year I took two months off work to travel Europe.

I’m still not a huge spender (much) and still consider myself tight with my money, but I am happy to have purchased some big-ticket items without freaking out about it.

Job done!

Story of my life!
Story of my life!

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