Thing 26

Thing 26: Write a Short Story

It’s no surprise that I enjoy writing.
It was always one of my favourite things to do at school, and my English grades were by far my best.
I remember one time when I was about 8 or 9, getting told off by my teacher for writing too much!
Apparently I was only supposed to do one page, and instead wrote three.
Do you know how hard it was to cut all those words back down?
My story of the best Christmas ever went downhill real quick.
And PS, I’m so sure she never said we were only allowed to write one page.
Following instructions was always a strength for me.

Anywho, fast-forward 20-odd years and I still enjoy writing, and still feel like I often write too much.

Over the years I have thought of, and started writing actual stories, but they never went very far.
Coming up with story lines is fun.
Writing the first few paragraphs is great.
But putting everything together, creating an interesting tale with twists and turns and descriptive sentences is hard.

So this is still a work in progress.
For a start, I have no idea what kind of writer I would want to be anyways.

And secondly – I feel like short stories are almost harder, you know?
You’ve got less time to capture the audience, hook them in and then somehow throw them off right at the end.

So I will leave you with a snippet of something I put together a while ago:

“Well?” Sarah asked, nervously fingering the edge of the teal duvet. All she wanted was for her little sister to be happy in the outfit she had chosen for her, and not make a scene. It was no use asking for Ashley’s input when it came to dressing up or looking feminine – she just had no clue whatsoever! So it had been up to Sarah to pick everything, from the hair and the makeup to the dress itself. She had been nervously watching Ashley look herself over, waiting for her to complain or state how much she hated something; but all she did was stare, wide-eyed at her transformation, and Sarah was sure she had seen a hint of a grin forming.


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