Thing 27

Thing 27: Have a scrap page/idea Published

I love scrap-booking.
I just haven’t done any in a long long time.
It seems to be my excuse for a lot of things around here, but truth be told – my apartment is too small to do anything!

You really do need some decent space to make a go of scrap-booking.
A little area that you don’t have to constantly pack up at the end of each session.
A place reserved for all the “stuff” that comes with scrap-booking.

I started Project Life last year.
Didn’t even come close to finishing.

A few years ago I would often read scrapping magazines, look up ideas online and was totally into it.
My scrap-booking wasn’t amazing; but it wasn’t crap, either.
I often toyed with the idea of sending samples in to these magazines in the hopes of being featured, which is why this thing has ended up on my list.

I haven’t done it, but maybe someday I will.



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