Thing 28

Thing 28: Own at Least 5 Dresses, and Actually Wear Them!

This is a funny one.
I was always envious of those girls who wore dresses like all the time.
I loved the idea of prancing around in flowy dresses, not a care in the world.
But, I could never find dresses that fitted my body right.
A short upper body and wide womanly hips can make shopping for dresses and skirts quite tricky.
But I really wanted to be a dress wearer.

I mean, why try to figure out what combination of pants and tops I should wear each day, when I could just chuck on a dress and be done?!

So I have looked and tried on many a dress.
I think I have finally found a style that suits me, and one that I can get away with buying online, confident that it will fit my body right.

I am pleased to say that not only do I own and wear MORE than the five dresses I was aiming for; but now I hardly ever wear pants to work!
I am officially a dress-wearer.

Totally worth a high-five.


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