Disney Collector Dream


It’s no secret that I am a huge Disney fan.
Sleeping Beauty was always my favourite movie – I had a poster advertising the VHS hanging on my wall while growing up.
It was an amazing poster – aside from being huge, it was made of heavy cardstock and looked something like this.
I loved it so much, battered as it was, it even graced the bedroom wall of one of my apartments after I moved away from home.
I think it’s now in storage, but I would love to fix it up and hang it on my wall again in future.

Anyways, that is besides the point.
While traveling Europe last year, we stumbled upon the Disney store in Venice – so naturally I had to take a peek.
I instantly fell in love with the Disney Animators’ Collection of princess dolls.
If they weren’t so large, and my suitcase already so full – I would have bought Aurora on the spot!

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, so once home I was straight online to begin my collection.
Unfortunately it appears that a second edition of the dolls has been released – as many of them are now wearing different outfits to the ones I saw in Europe.
And I have to say – I’m not overly impressed with the changes.
For anyone interested, this article on Tomopop.com provides details on the various updates – but in a nutshell, their dresses have changed and they’ve lost their little sidekicks.
I personally think the original outfits for most of them are much better – so am keen to get only the original dolls.

I’ll let you in on a secret – I am now the proud owner of not one but two of these glorious (and original!) beauties.
They are none other than Aurora – from my favourite Sleeping Beauty – and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (a post on her to follow).

The detail of these dolls is incredible – from their beautifully painted faces and long flowing hair, to their well-made outfits and cute side-kicks – I am in a collectors heaven!

16" in height
16″ in height, she comes complete with cape and owl side-kick
Close-up of her lil owl friend
Close-up of her lil owl friend
How cute are these socks and shoes?!
How cute are these socks and shoes?!


She has a lot of hair
She has a lot of hair

I think the next one I’d like to get is either Snow White or Princess Jasmine….maybe Merida……or Anna and Elsa?
Who am I kidding? I want them all.

Who is your favourite Disney Princess? Do you prefer the original outfits or the new ones? Am I too old for this?! Don’t answer that.


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