Crafting the Perfect Cupcake

A couple of years ago I was a woman obsessed, when it came to cupcakes. I enjoyed baking them, trying new recipes, and generally sharing them with my work-mates.
For the most part, they all tasted pretty good.
The hard part was making them look good.
No matter how hard I tried, the icing never looked right, and any attempts at creating delicate swirls or fluffy tops fell pretty flat.

So, as part of my 30 Things to do Before 30 Challenge, I wanted to attend a cupcake decorating lesson.

Cupcake4I was pretty stoked when my partner bought me a voucher for my birthday so I could attend said lesson.
I booked myself in for May 10th, and was pleased that I would finally be able to cross this off my list.

The lesson was held in the kitchen of Cupcake Central, in the Melbourne Central shopping centre. It was a small space, but their staff were super welcoming and friendly, and there were only about 10 of us taking the lesson, so we all got by just fine. The lesson ran for 3 hours, with a 10 minute break half-way through.

Unfortunately I was starting to come down with a horror cold (that ended up keeping me off work for a week!), so I wasn’t feeling my best on the day, and due to my fuzzy brain, didn’t really retain all the information as well as I usually would have!

However, we did learn how to make two different flavours of cupcake: Vanilla Vanilla, and Red Velvet, got to keep their recipes, and each had a go at taking part in the process.

We made fondant decorations for our cupcakes, and learned how to make ribbons and roses. There were plenty of tools to create with, and some people came up with some awesome 3D decorations.

Cupcake2During our break, we each got a free hot drink, and were able to sample our fresh-baked cupcakes. They were soo good! I found out that many of the people there that day, also received vouchers for this lesson as Christmas or birthday gifts, too, which I thought was quite funny.

Cupcake3After our break, it was time to decorate our cupcakes! We got 8 each – four Vanilla, and four Red Velvet. They explained how to make really good frosting, and demonstrated how to use each of the different piping nozzles. Some of them looked really challenging, but were actually quite easy once you held the piping bag correctly and controlled the flow of icing.

All in all it was a fun afternoon. I got to meet some really lovely ladies, learnt some great techniques for creating the perfect cupcakes, and got to take all 8 of my masterpieces home with me.

Which cupcake is your favourite?


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