Let Us Be Frank

Today I want to talk about something I’m slightly obsessed with – Frank Coffee Scrub.

Mostly made up of ground coffee beans – with some added goodness – this stuff is amazing! It comes in three different flavours: Original, Coconut & Grapeseed, and their brand new Cacao.

So far I have only used the original one, but I also have (and can’t wait to try) their coconut version. Of course, I will totes have to get the cacao one too, because…..chocolate, duh.

Using Frank could not be easier. Basically you stand in the shower, dampen your skin, take a big old handful of the stuff and just rub it all over your body. Simples. You can use it on dry skin, but I found that the product is so much easier to apply, and goes a lot further when your skin is slightly wet.
Frank is totally safe to use on your face too, but I found that my skin was just a bit too sensitive for this type of exfoliation.

Frank1So, once you’ve applied the scrub, you kind of just have to stand there for a while. 5-10 minutes does the trick. I found this was a great time to work on my squats, perfect my dance moves, or just get lost in my thoughts. It smells amazing. I love the smell of coffee anyways, but because of all the extras packed in there, it gives off a really warm and earthy scent that stays on your skin for the rest of the day. Delish!

Then you simply wash it off. Now, it does tend to make a mess of your shower at first, but once you get the water running, Frank is happy to head down the drain. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth as a baby’s bottom! There is a slightly oily residue, but it really moisturises your skin, so I usually don’t use any other products afterwards. However, because the skin on my face tends to be quite oily, I would always use my regular cleanser after applying Frank to my face.

So, what is the point of Frank, you may ask? Well, aside from leaving your skin feeling like that of a goddess, it also claims to improve cellulite, tone your skin and clear up imperfections.
Frank2I’ve seen a lot of before and after photos from real people who have had amazing results from using this product. And I, myself, have also been super impressed. So here’s where I get real with ya’ll.

Last year I discovered a skin problem on my foot. I’m not exactly sure what it was, maybe a verruca? I know, it’s disgusting. I was so self-conscious of it, and tried a bunch of different lotions, potions and home remedies to get rid of it. I even strapped banana skin to my foot for weeks in the hope of clearing it up, you guys. Nothing worked.

Now, I will say that I didn’t get Frank for this purpose. But, after I started using it – maybe after as little as three scrubs – I noticed that my foot had cleared up. Completely. No trace of what had been plaguing me for months, remained. The best part is, I had no idea that Frank would fix this for me. So I didn’t even focus on this area of my body. I guess just standing on the scrub that had fallen to the floor of my shower was enough for Frank to do his magic!

The best part is that Frank is made right here in Australia, and they offer free shipping to their Australian and New Zealand customers. Winning.

Have you tried Frank before? What do you think of coffee scrubs?


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