Spoiler Alert: I totes wore sneans

Because we arrived in Thredbo when it was dark out, we had no idea really what to expect come morning.

So I was pleasantly surprised to wake up on Saturday morning to this gorgeous view! It was icy cold outside, but the skies were blue and the sun was shining – the perfect Winters day, in my book.

Because we weren’t able to snowboard on this trip, due to lack of actual snow, we decided to make the most of our surroundings by checking out the sights and just enjoying the peace and quiet of this little ski resort.

We also made friends with a couple of Crows, which is something I never thought I would say! I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who took a shining to them, or the only ones who were greeted by these squawkers each morning; but we kind of enjoyed getting up each day to see Maurice and Luciel’s hungry faces as they perched on our balcony railing. (Yes, we totally name our animal friends)
I’ve always been kind of afraid of Crows – I mean, aren’t they always the side-kick to the bad guys? (I’m looking at you, Milificent!) But these two were fascinating. They waited for each other every morning, made sure they both got a bite to eat, scared off annoying Magpies, and groomed each other after breakfast. Very sweet.

Maurice. Or Luciel. I can't tell which.
Maurice. Or Luciel. I can’t tell which.

Our first full day here was spent checking out the shops, visiting the ski museum and the site of the 1997 landslide, and ambling around the township and its walking tracks.


Yup. Sneans.
Yup. Sneans.



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