Baby, you’re a firework!

So we didn’t plan for it, but the weekend we stayed in Thredbo also happened to be ‘Opening Weekend’ for the snow season. It’s a shame the weather Gods never got that memo, and the snow machines only really made enough to build a half-arsed snowman. Although there wasn’t enough snow for the field to officially open, and not as many people around as they would usually expect, Thredbo still celebrated Opening Weekend with an ice sculpture, family-friendly activities, Sneaky Sound System concert, and fireworks!
Thredbo_Fireworks2Thredbo_Fireworks3Thredbo_Fireworks4Thredbo_Fireworks5I have seen many a fireworks display in my time, but there was something special about this one. Each bang echoed off the snow-capped mountains, we had a great view from our balcony, and the fireworks themselves were pretty impressive.
Thredbo_Fireworks6Thredbo_Fireworks7Then we headed into the town square for the concert. It was so cold and a bit rainy at times, but once Sneaky Sound System hit the stage, it went off. Much of the crowd had likely been drinking most of the day, due to a lack of skiing or snowboarding opportunities, but everyone was well-behaved, and just had a good time. We picked ourselves up a little Carona bucket–filled with ice, 4 bottles of Corona, a bottle opener, and some lime slices–which, for $16 was a complete bargain, and enjoyed the show.
Threado_Concert1Thredbo_Concert2I can’t upload my videos on here for some reason, but if you want to see some clips from the concert or fireworks, check out my Facebook page.


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