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Let Us Be Frank

Today I want to talk about something I’m slightly obsessed with – Frank Coffee Scrub.

Mostly made up of ground coffee beans – with some added goodness – this stuff is amazing! It comes in three different flavours: Original, Coconut & Grapeseed, and their brand new Cacao.

So far I have only used the original one, but I also have (and can’t wait to try) their coconut version. Of course, I will totes have to get the cacao one too, because…..chocolate, duh.

Using Frank could not be easier. Basically you stand in the shower, dampen your skin, take a big old handful of the stuff and just rub it all over your body. Simples. You can use it on dry skin, but I found that the product is so much easier to apply, and goes a lot further when your skin is slightly wet.
Frank is totally safe to use on your face too, but I found that my skin was just a bit too sensitive for this type of exfoliation.

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Makeup Review from a Novice

What a busy month May has been so far! Now I did intentionally take a break from blogging after my 30 days of posts, but I didn’t intend for it to last quite so long.

My days since turning the dreaded 30 have not felt all that different from when I was 29 (surprise, surprise!), but they have been full – with work, online shopping, eating tasty treats, obsessing over Game of Thrones and getting sick – it’s all happening around here!

So now I am back and ready to share some goodies with you.

Now, I have always enjoyed watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. Essie Button, JaaackJack, Zoella and Tess Christine are a few that I watch on the regular.
However lately, I have become slightly obsessed – I blame three whole days of doing nothing but laying on my couch/bed watching video after video while I was sick. What else is a girl to do, right?

So, I recently ordered some new makeup from Tarte – and while I am by no means a makeup expert (seriously, don’t really have a clue!), I have become inspired to share my wares and the end result with you guys here.

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Thing 25

Thing 25: Get a Tan

I’ve always had pretty pale skin.
I grew up in Southland, New Zealand – right down the bottom of the South Island.
Summer wasn’t really ever a thing for us.
Getting a tan has always felt like a luxury to me.

I’m not into tanning beds.
The thought of laying in a chamber while UV rays blast my skin doesn’t appeal to me.

Also, I’ve seen Final Destination 3.

Sure, I’ve tried fake tan over the years, and struggled to get a flawless, natural finish.
I even got a professional spray tan before a friend’s wedding once.
Most of my body looked great, but I had dark patches under my arms, and I had decided not to get my face done, so was only tanned from my neck down.
Not the best idea when you’re part of the bridal party.
Sorry Amy!!

During our trip to Europe last year, many days were spent in the sun and even after layering on the sun-block, my skin quickly turned brown.
For once in my life I had, and kept a decent tan!

I even still have some of the lines to prove it. #TMI

Amsterdam - one week into our trip.
Amsterdam – one week into our trip.
Rome - a month and a half into the trip.
Rome – a month and a half into the trip.

Thing 8

Thing 8: Get a Radical Haircut

Now when I set myself this thing to do before turning 30; I had grand ideas of cutting my hair short, getting some bangs going and lightening it up with lots of layers, maybe a brand new colour?

But, I have since realised that I really prefer my hair long.

I don’t suit super dark hair.

I don’t like being blonde – my hair dries out too much and I’m less likely to get away with silly comments.

Somewhere along the line I really got my heart set on going ombre.

I thought about it for ages and ages but never plucked up the courage to do it.

Then I heard about an at-home dye kit and the rest is history!

I absolutely love the ombre style – I get the best of both worlds and an interesting look to boot.

Selfie at Springbrook
Selfie at Springbrook

Review: Loreal Preference Wild Ombres

**Disclaimer: this post is full of photos taken with my phone and no makeup – you have been warned!**

I have wanted an ombre hair colour for quite some time now. Not only has it become a popular style for celebrities and normal people alike, but I think it looks so effortless and carefree!

However, after contacting a couple of salons and finding out how much it would cost – upwards of $220.00 thank you very much – I decided maybe ombre wasn’t for me.

Then, I saw this ad and literally jumped for joy! Who needs a trained professional when you can do it yourself?!

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30 Day Photo Challenge: Final Take

I bet you’ve all been dying to see the last installment of my 30 Day Photo Challenge! What… no? You’re all living your own lives and totally don’t even care? Too bad, I’m going to show you anyway. Just think of me as that family member who bores you to death with a 3-hour slide show of their recent trip overseas, which is mostly all landscapes and features the same mountain from about 5 different angles. Just grin, bear it and try not to ask any questions. It’ll be over before you know it. Oh, and I totally didn’t bring you back any souvenirs either. Sorry.

You can find days 1-10 here and 11-20 here.

Day 21 – Where I Sleep. Sounded kinda creepy, but I went with it anyways.

Day 22 – Clothing.

Day 23 – In My Closet.

My Closet is Never Big Enough.

Day 24 – Gratitude. So hard. How do you photograph something you feel?! So I took the cheesy route and used pictures of myself with my family.

Day 25 – Artwork. It’s a rabbit, but kind of looks like a dog from a different angle.

Complete with Discarded Shopping Trolley!

Day 26 – Transportation.

Day 27 – Daily Routine.

Unless I’m Sick, No Day Goes by Without Makeup.

Day 28 – Night-time.

Pyjamas. Slippers. Television. It’s How I Roll.

Day 29 – Light.

Day 30 – Self-Portrait.

So there you have it – 30 Day Photo Challenge is done! I hope you all enjoyed following me and my photos during the month. I had thought about doing another round of photos in November, but I really couldn’t be bothered. Besides, I am going to do a Christmas themed challenge in December which I am totally excited for!


This Week I’m Loving…

This morning I feel lucky to be alive, folks!  I don’t recall having a bad dream, or dreaming about swimming, but I woke up at 4.30am gasping for breath and gulping down as much air as I could.  I totally felt like I had just drowned in my sleep.  My partner is at work, doing a rare super-early morning shift, my nerves are completely shot and I’m too scared to go back to sleep, so I figure, what better time to write a blog post than now?!  It’s 5.30am, I am really tired and inwardly freaking out that I’m about to ‘kick the bucket’, so please excuse me if the rest of what I’m about to write doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!

Has this happened to anyone else though?!  Any reassurances would be much appreciated.  Maybe it’s time to go to the doctor for a check up?!  God knows it’s been a while.

Onwards and upwards – you’d think after nearly dying and all that my list of loves would be quite profound and heartfelt, but I’m struggling to keep it together as it is, so the best I can give you is from the list I jotted down yesterday morning – not life-changing stuff, but I hope you enjoy!

Garnier BB Cream – It has been a while since I gave my thoughts on any beauty products, but this one has totally changed my routine!  I am definitely a liquid foundation gal and while I have loved the Covergirl Clean range in the past, the last one I got smells very strong, is super runny and made my skin look very shiny in the oil slick rather than soft and dewey kind of way.  So for the past few weeks I have been using powder foundation and although the sheen has reduced, the coverage is not as good as liquid foundation and my pores look HUGE.  Enter BB Cream.  I feel like I am always a step behind everyone else with this kind of stuff because I have heard rave reviews about BB cream, but never tried it until now.  This stuff is amazing.  It totally evens out my skin tone, reduces my pores significantly and provides a really nice base for my powder foundation.  It doesn’t really cover my random spots and I’m too vain to wear it on its own (although you totally could), but I will definitely keep using this one.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells
This kid is having a ball (Photo credit: PlayStation Europe)

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and almost fell over in excitement when I saw this advertised at our local gaming store over the weekend.  I know the series is over, but anything that can keep the magic of Hogwarts alive is fine by me, so I am really looking forward to its release.  Basically Playstation is bringing out a new series called Wonderbook, the first being the Harry Potter Book of Spells.  Who knows what else they’ll come up with?!

Found this on Pinterest of all places, book-marked it and had a good chuckle.  16 Ways I Blew My Marriage.  Simple, honest advise that really should be a no-brainer, but can be all too easy to forget in the ebb and flow of everyday life.  I know I’ll be taking some of this on board.

So the reason we were at a gaming store over the weekend is because we were looking into getting an Xbox 360 Kinect.  We totally got one and it is awesome!  I’ve always been into gaming.  I remember spending literally hours wrapped up in the worlds of Banjo-Kazooie, Jak and Daxter and Zelda on our Nintendo 64 in my youth and have enjoyed these types of games ever since.  Although I loved my Wii back in Christchurch, the Kinect takes it to a whole ‘nother level – you don’t even need a controller, you guys!  Your hands take care of everything.  The main reason I wanted this console was so I could get down with my bad self in the privacy of my own home and although I’m not a good dancer by any stretch of the imagination, Dance Central is fun and sure makes me feel like I could dance battle you anywhere anytime.

Finally, another website that might make you chuckle – It’s Lovely!  I’ll Take It! features some of the worst real estate photos in the world.  How these people thought this would help sell their houses is beyond me, but it least it provides us with some entertainment, am i right?!

Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend and a special shout-out to my family and friends back in New Zealand – enjoy your long weekend!

Also – I’m sadly not going to the gym today on account of the nearly dying thing, but I did run for 9 whole minutes on Friday – booyah!