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Now the Cleanse is Over

You guys, I was really looking forward to doing another juice cleanse. I enjoyed the Urban Remedy one I tried last year, and was pleased to be trying a local company this time around. I was excited to pick my own juices and was happy to be able to do most of it over a weekend. But just between you and me, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

A recap of the juices I selected.
A recap of the juices I selected.

Early Saturday morning I received my first delivery from Pressed Juices, containing all juices for day 1, and half of the juices for day 2. I was hungry by this point, so dove right in and had my first drink for  the day – a green juice. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it down okay. I loved my zesty juice; tolerated the earth juice; and really struggled with the two green juices – a quick search online told me that agave syrup or lemon juice would help, so I tried both, with little success; the milk at the end of the day was a pleasant respite from the juices. I didn’t like the chlorophyll water and didn’t drink much of the aloe vera water.

Day 2 I received my second delivery of the rest of the days drinks and all drinks for day 3. I thought day 1 was hard, but day 2 was haaard. I tried to keep a positive outlook and aimed to drink the juices as quick as possible – day 1 I really dragged them out. I also drank much more of the chlorophyll and aloe vera waters. Again I struggled with the earth and green juices – I just could not get them down well, even with agave syrup! I think the ginger in the juices really killed my throat.

One days worth of juice.
One days worth of juice.

Day 3 was a work day, and my throat ached, so I was really dreading having to drink the earth and green juices in the office! The first green juice of the day went down well, and quickly; but to my surprise I found the yummy zesty drink far too sweet! I never thought that would be a thing I would say. I sipped at the chlorophyll water at my desk throughout the morning, but was only able to get through half of the earth juice. I couldn’t bear to drink the green juices, so left those for when I got home. I was actually planning on giving up by this stage, and decided to make a salad with the ingredients listed in the green juices instead. However, my partner in crime talked me out of it and with his support I got most of the green juices down – and actually found they weren’t so bad! Although I was glad to have my potassium plus milk at the end of the day.

All in all, the cleanse was a lot tougher than I expected – I wasn’t overly hungry during the cleanse and was quite happy to drink juices for three days straight – but I really just was not loving the flavours at all.
In saying that, I did see some great results from this cleanse:
* My nails have become a lot stronger
* My insides feel clean and clear
* Although unintentional, I did lose 1.4kgs, 2cms off my hips, 2.5cms off my waist and 1cm off my caboose during the three days.
* I found that I didn’t miss eating the foods I normally would over a weekend – and instead enjoyed scouring Pinterest for clean eating recipes!

I would definitely do a juice cleanse again, only next time I would pay a bit extra and go back to Urban Remedy. However, I will certainly be visiting the Melbourne CBD Pressed Juices store when it opens to try one of their fruit juices, for sure. I mean, how good do they look?

Pressed Juices Fruit juices:
Pressed Juices Fruit juices:

In Need of a Cleansing

Friends, I’m at it again. I’m back on the road to improving my health and well-being. For the past week and a half I have been “clean eating” by cutting out processed foods and eating as much fruit, vegetables and protein as I can stomach. I’ve found a new set of workouts to keep me busy and sweating – I’m by no means any good at them, but god willing I try!

I’m also about to embark on another Juice Cleanse. But this time I’m doing things a little differently:

  • Rather than go with the same cleanse as last year, I’ve found Pressed Juices, a local company that offers cleanses – yay
  • I’ve chosen to try a level 2 cleanse – I’m a little nervous about all the greens, but I found last years cleanse wasn’t quite challenging enough
  • Pressed Juice cleanses offer 8 drinks each day, rather than the standard 6
  • I’m actually able to pick what juices to drink throughout the cleanse
  • Instead of doing this at work, I’ve decided to try a weekend cleanse – Saturday to Monday

Sure, a juice cleanse isn’t for everyone – they’re really expensive for a start! I am very tight with my money, so I know that by spending this much on something means that I will put 100% into it and continue healthy eating and exercise long after my cleanse is done. Again I am going to keep track of my cleanse here for future reference and anyone who might be interested in trying a juice cleanse themselves.

The main reason I decided to do another juice cleanse is to really clean out my body and detox in order for my clean eating to be of benefit. It’s not really about losing weight for me; I’m more interested in flattening my stomach and toning my butt and thighs. I mean, who isn’t, amiright?!

So last night I made it official and ordered my cleanse:

CleanseLooks good, right?!