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Kosciuszko Walk

On our third and final day in Thredbo, we decided to brave the cold and fog, and head up the only operating chairlift, not really sure what we would find at the top.

What we found, aside from thick fog, was ‘Eagles Nest‘ – the highest restaurant in Australia. So we popped in and warmed up with home-made scones and jam, and a hot chocolate each.

Before long, the fog began to clear, so we decided to go for a wander along the Kosciuszko Walk, which lead us to the mountain lookout. It was absolutely stunning, we quickly forgot about the cold!
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Baby, you’re a firework!

So we didn’t plan for it, but the weekend we stayed in Thredbo also happened to be ‘Opening Weekend’ for the snow season. It’s a shame the weather Gods never got that memo, and the snow machines only really made enough to build a half-arsed snowman. Although there wasn’t enough snow for the field to officially open, and not as many people around as they would usually expect, Thredbo still celebrated Opening Weekend with an ice sculpture, family-friendly activities, Sneaky Sound System concert, and fireworks!
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Spoiler Alert: I totes wore sneans

Because we arrived in Thredbo when it was dark out, we had no idea really what to expect come morning.

So I was pleasantly surprised to wake up on Saturday morning to this gorgeous view! It was icy cold outside, but the skies were blue and the sun was shining – the perfect Winters day, in my book.

Because we weren’t able to snowboard on this trip, due to lack of actual snow, we decided to make the most of our surroundings by checking out the sights and just enjoying the peace and quiet of this little ski resort.
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Road Trip to Thredbo

This year we decided to extend our July long weekend, and also celebrate our nine-year anniversary by spending a few days in Thredbo, NSW.

That very same weekend was also opening weekend for the snow season, but unfortunately a lack of actual snow meant that we were unable to get out our snowboards and carve up the mountain. Not that I could anyways, but at least I had planned on trying.

The drive to Thredbo took us longer than we expected, and by the time we arrived it was pitch dark. But, we got to see the Victorian countryside on our way, which was beautiful, and reminded me of home.


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads


A couple of months ago, I discovered that Steamrail Victoria were having an open day at their Newport site. A biannual event (in March of this year), we decided to brave the crowds and go along.

I love train travel, so it was pretty cool to see some of their steam trains up close and personal.
Many of them were open for inspection, and some of the carriages were even set up for high tea, a work trip, or a snow adventure (complete with skis and fake snow!).

Unfortunately my camera died within minutes of us arriving, and I hadn’t bought my spare battery, so these photos were taken on my iPhone instead.

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Disney Collector Dream


It’s no secret that I am a huge Disney fan.
Sleeping Beauty was always my favourite movie – I had a poster advertising the VHS hanging on my wall while growing up.
It was an amazing poster – aside from being huge, it was made of heavy cardstock and looked something like this.
I loved it so much, battered as it was, it even graced the bedroom wall of one of my apartments after I moved away from home.
I think it’s now in storage, but I would love to fix it up and hang it on my wall again in future.

Anyways, that is besides the point.
While traveling Europe last year, we stumbled upon the Disney store in Venice – so naturally I had to take a peek.
I instantly fell in love with the Disney Animators’ Collection of princess dolls.
If they weren’t so large, and my suitcase already so full – I would have bought Aurora on the spot!

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A Different Point of View

I saw this article today – about well-known landmarks photographed from a different angle.
It’s funny, because while we were traveling around Europe last year, we often discussed how different certain landmarks looked in real life, compared to what we had seen online.
I’m not really sure what I expected, but when we finally got to see many of the places we were looking forward to visiting – such as the Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa or Eiffel Tower – we were almost disappointed that streets, houses and buildings had been erected around them over the years. Call me naive, but it did take away from the magnificence in some way.
So I always find it really interesting to see articles like this – and to view the landmarks in a different way – a more realistic way.

Of the landmarks mentioned, we visited seven – which has inspired me to share some of our viewpoints:

The Acropolis - Athens, Greece
The Acropolis – Athens, Greece

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