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Now the Cleanse is Over

You guys, I was really looking forward to doing another juice cleanse. I enjoyed the Urban Remedy one I tried last year, and was pleased to be trying a local company this time around. I was excited to pick my own juices and was happy to be able to do most of it over a weekend. But just between you and me, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

A recap of the juices I selected.
A recap of the juices I selected.

Early Saturday morning I received my first delivery from Pressed Juices, containing all juices for day 1, and half of the juices for day 2. I was hungry by this point, so dove right in and had my first drink for  the day – a green juice. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it down okay. I loved my zesty juice; tolerated the earth juice; and really struggled with the two green juices – a quick search online told me that agave syrup or lemon juice would help, so I tried both, with little success; the milk at the end of the day was a pleasant respite from the juices. I didn’t like the chlorophyll water and didn’t drink much of the aloe vera water.

Day 2 I received my second delivery of the rest of the days drinks and all drinks for day 3. I thought day 1 was hard, but day 2 was haaard. I tried to keep a positive outlook and aimed to drink the juices as quick as possible – day 1 I really dragged them out. I also drank much more of the chlorophyll and aloe vera waters. Again I struggled with the earth and green juices – I just could not get them down well, even with agave syrup! I think the ginger in the juices really killed my throat.

One days worth of juice.
One days worth of juice.

Day 3 was a work day, and my throat ached, so I was really dreading having to drink the earth and green juices in the office! The first green juice of the day went down well, and quickly; but to my surprise I found the yummy zesty drink far too sweet! I never thought that would be a thing I would say. I sipped at the chlorophyll water at my desk throughout the morning, but was only able to get through half of the earth juice. I couldn’t bear to drink the green juices, so left those for when I got home. I was actually planning on giving up by this stage, and decided to make a salad with the ingredients listed in the green juices instead. However, my partner in crime talked me out of it and with his support I got most of the green juices down – and actually found they weren’t so bad! Although I was glad to have my potassium plus milk at the end of the day.

All in all, the cleanse was a lot tougher than I expected – I wasn’t overly hungry during the cleanse and was quite happy to drink juices for three days straight – but I really just was not loving the flavours at all.
In saying that, I did see some great results from this cleanse:
* My nails have become a lot stronger
* My insides feel clean and clear
* Although unintentional, I did lose 1.4kgs, 2cms off my hips, 2.5cms off my waist and 1cm off my caboose during the three days.
* I found that I didn’t miss eating the foods I normally would over a weekend – and instead enjoyed scouring Pinterest for clean eating recipes!

I would definitely do a juice cleanse again, only next time I would pay a bit extra and go back to Urban Remedy. However, I will certainly be visiting the Melbourne CBD Pressed Juices store when it opens to try one of their fruit juices, for sure. I mean, how good do they look?

Pressed Juices Fruit juices:
Pressed Juices Fruit juices:

Post-Cleanse & General Ramblings

Okay, so you’re probably all dying to hear what I thought of the cleanse, and what I ate over the weekend?!  Do you people really have nothing better to do??  It is pretty fascinating though, trust me.

Anyhow, so I made it through a three-day winter juice cleanse unscathed.  I think in hindsight it was a good cleanse because I was super alert at work and didn’t have my usual 11am/3pm slumps.  I also lost an inch around my butt and thighs (but who’s counting?!) which was a nice bonus.  But that’s about where my benefits end, methinks.  My eyes weren’t clear and bright, my tummy did not get flatter (which makes me think my slight muffin top is fat and not the fluid retention I was hoping for!) and I wasn’t jumping out of bed with a new-found lease on life.  To each their own, I guess.

On Saturday, I decided to take it easy, and started off with a bowl of porridge – I didn’t add my usual heaped spoonful’s (yes, that’s plural) of brown sugar, but I did have a handful of raisins.  It went down nicely, and kept me going til lunchtime.  We were out at lunch, so I ordered a small pumpkin and chickpea salad and a bottle of water.  Because I got a drink, I was entitled to a complimentary focaccia, and I don’t know about you, but I am not the girl who turns down the offer of free food, especially of the breaded variety.  So I ate half of my salad and 3/4s of the bread.  Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to eat white bread the day after a cleanse, but I really didn’t give a toss.  I felt fine after, so no harm done.

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Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day Three

Day Three Begins

Day Three, and I did not wake up feeling bloated!!  I also did not jump out of bed with a truck-full of energy, but that is besides the point.  I did get up earlier than usual to watch the Olympics – Mens 200m final with Usain Bolt, and what a race it was!  He is such a crack-up afterwards, making jokes and grabbing cameras of the paps, haha.  I love it.

But anyways, last night my partner asked if I had been craving anything since I’m not eating, and to be honest, I really haven’t?!  He came up with a few of my usual favourite foods, and I happily passed on all of them.  Until we talked about the magnificent Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting that I used to make.  Now, before you get too excited, it wasn’t them that got me craving, but it did remind me of the most amazeballs red velvet cookies with white chocolate chunks that I also used to make.  OMG, if someone came into my apartment with a tray full of those bad boys, I would have had a really hard time resisting.  I could just imagine the texture and taste, and I literally started salivating!

And then this morning on my way to work I could smell the aroma of bacon and eggs wafting through the streets, and I decided that I could totally go whatever that was right now.  But, here I am at work, about to start on Juice #1 for the third and final day.

I have found this whole process quite okay, and am wondering if maybe I should have gone for level 2?  Although to be fair, I didn’t know what to expect coming into this – how my body would react, so I think it has been a great learning curve for me in that sense.

8.50am – Juice One.  No change from yesterday, or the day before.  Whatevs.

10.30am – Okay so maybe it has taken day three of this cleanse for me to experience some of these side-effects I have been expecting.  I feel hungry and want biscuits.  I certainly do not want Juice 2.  On their website, Urban Remedy say that after the cleanse your body will be so happy that you will want fresh fruit and veggies and food that is good for you.  No thank you, I do not feel like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, peas or corn.  I feel like biscuits.  Biscuits and donuts.  And maybe a warm croissant with ham and melted cheese.  Ooh yeah.

10.36am – I feel like I can smell a Bacon & Egg McMuffin right now.

11.05am – Juice Number Two.  We meet again.  Look I’m sure you are lovely and all, but unfortunately not everyone likes the same things, and there is a certain part of you that I just……I just can’t agree with.  It’s the pepper.  There I said it.  I really don’t like the cayenne pepper in this juice, and I know it’s good for me and my digestive system, but god it makes my mouth sting!  The back of my throat, my tongue, even my lips hurt!

I guess I kind of hoped that by now I would be used to this juice, but the fact remains that I really just don’t like it, and have to force it down.  In saying that, it’s the only juice out of the 6 that I don’t like, so the odds are in my favour!

11.26am – Have given up on that one.  I drank most of it, but I cannot take it anymore.  Buh-bye Metabolism Booster, was unpleasant knowing you!

12.53pm – Have been craving a ham and cheese toasted sandwich for the past hour.  I have no idea what I should eat tomorrow (once this is all over and done with), but I have a pretty good feeling that would not be a great idea.

1.20pm – Right now I am really quite glad that I am doing the winter cleanse.  My third juice of the day, or soup to be precise is warm and hearty and fills the void quite nicely.  Not as good as a bowl of beer battered fries, but it will do for now.

3.40pm – I got totally held up with work, so this juice is late today, but just as scrummy as ever.  I can hardly believe there are only two more juices to go!!

6pm – Dinner Time – I still really like the purifying soup, it is really delicious!  Have still been trying to figure out what to eat tomorrow.  My thoughts are mostly drifting toward food of the unhealthy variety, but I know I have to be strong and resist!

One more juice to go, and I think I will heat it up tonight, too.

Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day Two

** Sorry for the late posting of this one!  I left my notes at work :S **

So I woke up today feeling quite tired and a bit bloated.  Awesome.  Where is this “jumping out of bed, ready to face the day” feeling I was meant to be experiencing?  Oh, and my jaw still hurts.

I have decided to better manage my juice times today, and to try and drink them all a bit faster than I did yesterday.  It feels like I was literally drinking juice or soup non-stop, and I don’t think my body had much time to rest in-between each one.  Also, having my last juice after 8pm felt a bit late.  Am hoping that if I have it earlier today, then I won’t feel bloated tomorrow.  I have also decided to ditch the straws, after reading last night that straws make you ingest air bubbles, which can also cause bloating.  Seems pretty obvs now that I think about it.

Again I started off with my hot water/lemon drink this morning, and followed it up with a few glasses of water.  One thing I have noticed is that I am constantly thirsty!  Seems ironic, since all I seem to be doing is drinking.

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Urban Remedy Cleanse – Day One

So this morning started out much the same as any other, although it was blowing a gale outside!  After my shower, I had a mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon.  This is to stimulate my digestive system and get my body ready.  This has pretty much become habit for me, as I have been doing this over the past week in preparation for my cleanse.  It really helps, guys.  I’ve found that my breakfast now keeps me going until lunchtime, and I no longer need my 10am cup of tea and biscuits!

This morning I also took some cheeky measurements of my bust, waist and butt just to see if there would be a difference after the three days is up.  I’m not doing this cleanse to lose weight, but I have heard that many people do reduce their inches around these areas once the cleanse is done, so I thought it would be interesting to find out.  I’m not going to share my measurements with you today (so don’t even ask), but I will let you know at the end if there was any significant changes.

I decided to keep a wee journal throughout the day, so I didn’t have to think too much tonight while writing this out.  So, here is how my first day went!!  (I apologise in advance for all the “desk” photos – my bad).

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Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse – Pre-Cleanse

Box of Goodness

My juice arrived today!!  I have been a little nervous, thinking about not eating for three whole days and what that might feel like (never mind my friend telling me I’ll be shitting my pants because of my liquid only intake!).  But once those juices arrived today, I started to get a little be excited.  Is that weird?

I have been watching what I eat the past few days.  I’ve cut out white food like pasta, rice and white bread; cut out sugar (well, added sugar at least – have still been eating fruit) and dairy.  I have only been drinking water (including sparkling) and herbal teas since Saturday, and I’ve also cut out red meat, processed food and sauces.

So, what have I been eating, may you ask?  Well, lots of vegetables, salads, chicken, fish, a bit of fruit, brown bread (I don’t think I could ever quit bread), and cereal (without the milk).

I do miss juice!  Water is so boring.  Seriously.  If anyone has any (non-sugar/fructose) related suggestions for things I could add to water to make it less average, then I’m all ears.

I think that is definitely one of the reasons I am looking forward to tomorrow – I’ll be drinking four juices and two soups, along with water and herbal tea, so I won’t have to rely on just water to keep me hydrated.

My Meals for Tomorrow. Eep!

Wish me luck, guys!

My Thyroid Made Me Do It!

I like to think I eat pretty healthy, but I am a girl and I do like sweet treats.  A lot.  I also like takeaways, especially of the hot chip/wedge variety and I am a sucker for nearly anything chocolate-related.

I was quite happy, albeit wishing my body would tone itself without any effort, until I realised that maybe the food I was eating might have something to do with my hormones playing up (#moodswingsmuch).  Most of you won’t know this, but I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means I have an underactive thyroid.  Which basically means my hormones are all up the wop and I have to take medication for the rest of my life!  I say suffer, but really this condition is mild for me compared to many other people, and my dose of thyroxine medication is low and only three times a week.

But still, I did get to wonder if there was something I could do to reduce the symptoms.  Usually I am okay and it doesn’t bother me, but there have been times where life gets a bit hard, and I don’t have a good reason why – and it’s all thanks to hashi’s.

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