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Gym Procrastination

Although we have had a few warm days here lately, Summer is definitely on its way out. The days of warm comfort food and snuggling up on the couch in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a good book are getting ever closer.

So I have decided it is time to join the gym. I cant expect to eat hot and hearty meals with a generous helping of sourdough all winter and stay in decent shape. Plus, there is a gym in our apartment block. Seriously, take the lift down a few flights and you’re pretty much there. No excuses really.

Except, I joined over a week ago and have so far only been once. I have had a total of 9 days of gymming opportunity and only managed to haul ass once. Once. And that was like the day after I signed up. Really.

Do you want to know the worst thing? The one day I did manage to pop downstairs and sweat on a bicycle going nowhere for 45 minutes, i actually enjoyed it. Yeah. I had a great time. Burnt off some calories (which i no doubt piled straight back on during dinner), released some endorphins and left the place feeling a million sticky sweaty bucks.

So why is it that I havent been back since?

It’s just so hard. It’s hard to leave the house again after working all day, walking home, and all you feel like doing is blobbing. If you want to work out you have to get changed, fill your water bottle, make sure your hair is tied back, and then actually leave your house.

Okay so I’m just lazy. No bigs, it’s not like I don’t walk to and from work every day and them go for a walk at lunch. I’m not doing nothing, just find it hard to do the gym thing.

They played good music, the equipment was clean and easy to use, and there were lots of other people around to pretend race with, so im not sure what else i require from them? Possibly if they had a running chocolate fountain, or free cupcakes on entry, that might help my sitch.

Does anyone else find this problem?  You enjoy working out and keeping fit, but struggle to actually do it?  How do you suck it up and go?