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This Week I’m Loving: Beauty Basket – Edition 5

I had planed on posting earlier in the week, but life got in the way a little bit (as it often does – am I right?).  So  now instead of my usual This Week post, I am only going to talk about one thing that I am loving.  Plus I really can’t think of much else to be honest.

Toward the end of April (after doing a bit of research) I signed up to receive a monthly Beauty Basket.  I must have just missed out on Edition 4, and have been eagerly awaiting Edition 5 ever since.  And guess what folks?!  It arrived this week!  #woohoo

A Basket of Beauty Goodies

I knew what would be inside my beauty basket, as they published it on their website quite a few weeks ago.  I think it’s great value for money and gives you a chance to try some brands you might not otherwise have tried, and to test products you have been thinking about getting.  Another reason I chose Beauty Basket over the others that deliver in Australia is the fact that the items are literally delivered in a basket – they are totally re-useable and I like that.  The other companies deliver in boxes, and although you can re-use a box, I think the baskets are more visually appealing.  You can sign up month-by-month or pay for three or six months upfront.  I only signed up for one month, but will totally be signing up again.

So, here is what I got in my basket:

1.  Lalisse Moisture Rich Facial Cleanser – Full Size 100ml RRP $11.99

This was a miniature at only 30mls but is enough for quite a few washes.  After being used to using a scrub each day, this cleanser was so soft and creamy on my skin.  It smells really good, too!

2.  DB Cosmetics Kohl Eye Pencil with Sharpener – RRP $6.99

Now I don’t wear eyeliner to work, but I did make an exception this week.  This was really easy to apply and lasted the whole day.  And, it’s a full size product!

3.  Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls – RRP $19.99

I was most excited for this product, as I have wanted to try bronzing pearls.  I gave them a go earlier in the week, and found that my skin showed a natural looking light tan, but obviously the more you apply, the darker it will appear (case in point – today I was a little heavy-handed and ended up looking slightly orange…that’s still cute, right?).

4.  Bonne Bell Moisture Repair SPF 15 Lip Balm – RRP $3.99

OMG, this stuff smells and feels divine!  I used to be a Strawberry Chap Stick only kind of gal, and have just recently started using a Nivea lip balm, but after trying this Bonne Belle one, I think I am well and truly converted! 

5.  Avon Genetics Eye Treatment – RRP $59.99

I have used this a few times over the week, although my eyes could definitely use a pep up today!  Talk about Zombie.  It instantly made my eyes feel fresh and I swear the dark circles under my eyes were much lighter after applying this treatment.

I am super impressed with this edition of Beauty Basket – all my item’s bar one were full size, and I only paid $15.00!  They are all products I will use and enjoy, and I will definitely be putting in an order for the next basket.  They also sent a wee box of Lindt chocolates, which just happen to be my all-time favourites!  Beauty Basket, you are a winner in my books.