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Kosciuszko Walk

On our third and final day in Thredbo, we decided to brave the cold and fog, and head up the only operating chairlift, not really sure what we would find at the top.

What we found, aside from thick fog, was ‘Eagles Nest‘ – the highest restaurant in Australia. So we popped in and warmed up with home-made scones and jam, and a hot chocolate each.

Before long, the fog began to clear, so we decided to go for a wander along the Kosciuszko Walk, which lead us to the mountain lookout. It was absolutely stunning, we quickly forgot about the cold!
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Thing 29

Thing 29: Go up the Chairlift with my Snowboard

Chris can snowboard.
I can’t.
I’ve taken lessons, gotten frustrated and given up for the day.
I’ve tried again, gotten better but still not good enough or confident enough to go up the damned chairlift.

As far as I’m concerned, unless you know you’re going to be able to get back down that mountain on your own two feet, there is no point going up in the chairlift.

So I still haven’t been able to cross this one off yet.

But, I am working on it.

This will be thing.

#iwentupthegondola #notthechairlift
#iwentupthegondola #notthechairlift