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Makeup Review from a Novice

What a busy month May has been so far! Now I did intentionally take a break from blogging after my 30 days of posts, but I didn’t intend for it to last quite so long.

My days since turning the dreaded 30 have not felt all that different from when I was 29 (surprise, surprise!), but they have been full – with work, online shopping, eating tasty treats, obsessing over Game of Thrones and getting sick – it’s all happening around here!

So now I am back and ready to share some goodies with you.

Now, I have always enjoyed watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. Essie Button, JaaackJack, Zoella and Tess Christine are a few that I watch on the regular.
However lately, I have become slightly obsessed – I blame three whole days of doing nothing but laying on my couch/bed watching video after video while I was sick. What else is a girl to do, right?

So, I recently ordered some new makeup from Tarte – and while I am by no means a makeup expert (seriously, don’t really have a clue!), I have become inspired to share my wares and the end result with you guys here.

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