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Tell Me What You Want

*What You Really, Really Want*

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can improve this here blog of mine. As it stands, I enjoy what I write about, and can only hope you enjoy reading it!

But I guess I would love some insight into the kind of content you’d like to see here, and what you enjoy reading about.

So, I’ve created a little poll and I would really appreciate your input!


Road Trip: Beaches

During August we road-tripped around Victoria, hitting up some of our favourite spots including the Mornington Peninsula area and Brighton.

Vic1Vic2Vic4Vic5Vic6Vic7Vic8What’s your favourite road-trip destination?

If I Could Turn Back Time

It’s hard to believe that it has been a whole year since we were sunning ourselves in Barcelona!
The time has flown since then, but at the same time it feels like it was all just a dream.
Now the weather is getting colder here, it makes me wish I could turn back time and do it all over again.
At least we have great photos like this to look back on.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Not in Europe anymore, Toto

So, apparently I’m suffering from what they like to call ‘post-vacation blues’,or what I prefer to call a ‘Holiday Hangover’. Now before you all start rolling your eyes, shaking your heads and muttering ‘you poor thing, gallivanting around Europe for two months must have been hard. Here, have a lie down and take the rest of the week off’, hear me out. It’s a real thing.

Traveling overseas for any length of time is an amazing and truly rewarding experience. You forget about work; leave (most of) your cares behind and soak up every experience you possibly can. It’s life changing, it’s wonderful, it’s….hold on a sec, I think I’m losing sight of my point here.

Basically, traveling is about as different from my job and real life as I can get. Does that make sense? I lived out of a suitcase, slept in a different city nearly every night and experienced different cultures/languages/environments on a daily basis.

But that’s totally what I expected from our holiday, so it’s cool.

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Wish You Were Here: London, England

1-3 May

I can hardly believe the trip we have been planning for so long is finally here! It took 21 hours for us to get to London from Melbourne and by the time we checked into our accommodation we were buggered! We took a quick tour of the area, before having dinner and then calling it a night, both sound asleep by 8.30pm local time! The earliest night I’ve had in years.

Yesterday we did all the touristy things like seeing Buckingham Palace and ‘the changing of the guard’ – what a crazy event that is, amiright?! We took a trip on The London Eye, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Parliament. We walked the streets, getting lost in the sights and sounds of London. Somehow we even stumbled upon the world premier of the new Star Trek movie and ladies, Chris Pine is as good looking in person as he is on the silver screen #justsaying.

We ended the day by seeing the stage show STOMP – I have always wanted to see this live and it really did not disappoint! Those guys are totes amaze!! Was brilliant.

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